The Judgments Of Justice Shiv Narain Dhingra

Matrimonial home is  not just a building made of bricks and walls. It is a home/place comprising of sweetness of relations of family members and elders, full of blessing.

-Justice Shiv Narain Dhingra

Justice Dhingra was a judge of the Delhi High Court. I learned about him from an article written by the Indian feminazi, Indira Jaising, to tarnish his reputation. As I read his judgments, I realized that he is an upright judge and Indira Jaising was maligning him with some silly but vicious motive.

Here is the link to that article by Indira Jaising: “It was a crime that I was born a woman”.

While talking about Indira Jaising, click here to know what she did to a lady in violation of article 21 of the Indian Constitution, and in disregard of the right to due process (Indira Jaising had a woman whose brother was having marital issues jailed. The lady was released after her brother paid his estranged wife $100,000).

Read this article to know more about Justice Dhingra:

The same in pdf format if it disappears:

Rediff on the NeT: The judge who took on Parliament and politicians

Justice Dhingra took many steps to end the extortion in the name of Section 498A in Delhi. He started with the judgment that changed it all:

Smt Neera Singh (498A Income tax) Judgment of 2007.

Here is a post with what additional details I could find about him:

Justice SN Dhingra

Here’s his Linked in profile:

The residents of Delhi have a lot to thank this judge for. Read the article below to understand what I mean:

Here is a collection of some of his most relevant judgments for fighting 498A cases. For the beleaguered lot entangled in 498A cases across India, these judgments are a gift from a god.


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  1. 1 Ujjal Roy December 1, 2007 at 7:27 pm


    I got married 2 years back. Since then I am being harassed by my in laws. Both my parents are senior citizens. In th first instance my in laws filed a case in the Tilak Nagar Branch of the CAW agaist my father , my mother and myself. This was however resolved. My father in law Mr. Jagan Nath Nangla kept on threatening me that he is well capable of sending my father , my mother, my sister, my brother in law and myself as he is retired from a high position from some govt. office. My wife has again gone to CAW at Nehru Place Branch.I do not know what my father in law Mr. Jagan Nath Nangla can do as he is so well connected. Please help me


  2. 2 Major Subhajeet Naha January 20, 2008 at 3:26 pm

    Listen friend.
    1. first of all go to the local police station and file a complain saying that you suspect your wife to file a false 498.
    2. Take your mother and go to womens cell and lodge a complain there too.
    3. go to every senior police officer of your areas jurisdication and give the copy of the complain.
    4. if you think that your marriage is not going to last then file for a divorce before she files a 498.. that way you will have grounds for a bail.
    5. consult a lawyer and speak to these helpline no.s
    6. don’t sit… be proactive.. call me at 9981821414 for further help..


    • 3 Adhya Sharma October 16, 2011 at 8:01 am


      My Sister-in-law has called my family to Mahila Ayog alleging us for what we haven’t done. Please suggest if we can still take the upper mentioned actions in this case. Tell us the way to save ourselves and get rid of this problem. Can we now also lodge the complaint against her in Delhi mahila ayog or what is the option still available to us. She just wants to ruin our family… Please help!!!!


  3. 4 DR Mitu April 14, 2008 at 8:31 am

    The laws in India are changing. they are becoming more and more pro women agreed. but is the mind set of people changing.
    men are not liking that women get freedom, they do not like that we women fight the injustice including the domestic violence.
    more and more courts are giving verdicts in favour of men. In the process, they are harressing the woman more, who has somehow managed to survive, and try to fight.
    like every other law, there are bound to be a small percent age of people who will misuse, but then which law is not misused. but we are not here to fight those small percent of misusers. We are here to protect those large percentage of women, who have been , and are bieng supressed.
    I am afraid to file a case against my in laws today, despite the laws bieng pro women, why? because the law enforcers are anti women. then is there any use of creating these laws???????it is 3 years since i am out of my matrimonial house, because my in laws want more dowry, and that i should have not given birtht o my 2 daughters, and went for abortion.
    you are fighting for a small percent of women, who are misusing the laws, but have you thought about the large percent of women, who are still bieng supressed. what will you do, if your sister/daughter is harressed for dowry. will you or not file a case against the in laws. God forbid, if she is burnt , like my in laws tried to when i was pregnant. i have not taken them to the court, because i do not have proofs. domestic violence does not take place on streets, that you`ll get proofs. it take in the four walls of the house.


    • 5 prema rajput September 6, 2010 at 4:24 am

      Very true. I have the same contention. There is this concerted effort by men and men’s organisation, and they are spreading false propaganda of laws being in favour of women. The judgements after judgements are coming out which undermines women’s right. What if a woman got a few opportunities and some money which she keeps away as a small saving when her husband is hording money in different saving schemes? What if a woman is way beyond her middle age and started working in irregular assignments? What of the opportunity cost and her sole responsibility of bringing up the children when husband remained busy with climbing up the corporate ladder? What when husband stopped her from working because of his ego that he cannot let her work because his salary is low? What when after he became absentee and then started asking her to go out and work? Is getting jobs so easy at a later age in life? Is getting assignment so easy at a later stage in life? Do women have no right to save? What about her old age security? Does she have to be on the streets to claim maintenance from her husband who is earning well with heavy perks and salary? What of the time when the wife shared poverty for years together and encouraged him to march ahead taking on her shoulder all the burden of managing the household?
      The campaign of men’s group is vicious. Yes, mentality of men has not changed a bit, yes because a small percentage of women are misusing laws, there is no point in criticising those laws which in theory protects women. Are men not misusing laws? I wonder what women’s organisaitons are doing in this regard. I think they should have more blogs, more internet presence, more lobbying, and they should try to reach out more women with ready legal help. Perhaps here they are failing. On internet I see a well organised help network for men but I do not see any such site from women’s organisations where free advise is available and quickly.


    • 6 Rajat March 16, 2011 at 12:33 pm

      It is also seen that most of the cases are filed by women are false.I have seen in my house. The daughter in law has affairs,There is no dowry at all even a single penny, if you ask by heart not even a reference has come about dowry, the girl has no emotional attachment even with her husband, speaks lies, marriage done with cheating and still the poor husband in staying under tension..why because she has filed a false case of 498a in the women cell. I have also heard the cases where the girls have exited marriage from three partners getting lakhs of rupees from all of them tot ling to about Rs. 60 lakhs or so and are now looking for next target. The parents are also involved for such quick buck and what name you would give to such business model.Is it not a blantant misuse of the act involving girl, her parents , lawyers,advocates,mediation cells (official negotiating shops set up by so called Indian/States Govt)Mediation cells straightway judge paying capacity of the husband.


    • 7 Naidu May 4, 2011 at 11:24 am

      It’s true beyond any debate that a number of women are victims of domestic violence. This violence has to be curbed and eliminated. But have the laws (like 498A) doing that? Largely, NO. The law is being mostly misused, to the range of 90% of the cases are false claims. Had it been used in cases where there is genuine victimization, I don’t think any man or women or institution will ever object. But rather appreciate the law for helping the needed and justice prevailed. But, what in fact is happening is gross misuse. Which is what we are fighting against – the misuse (not the rightful use). We are not fighting against the law nor the welfare of women or against their rights. We are raising our voices against a grave MISUSE of law that is ill equipped/implemented. which in turn will effect women themselves.

      As one lawyer said to me, ‘most of these 498A cases these days are fake, so the police isn’t taking it too seriously now a days’. Do you see the problem? Because of 10 fake cases, the 11th case being genuine will also be underrated and the justice for the needy will not be provided.

      Many are saying men are against this law. The fact is, ‘Women themselves are the enemies to other women’. All those women who are misusing 498A are depriving the needy women the attention their case needs.

      I urge all women to raise for themselves. its not about just protecting innocent husbands and their families, but protect women (wives) themselves. By after for proper provisions in 498A, it would be a lot more helpful for the women in need of justice.

      I ask one question to the women welfare activists: is their goal to protect and prevent women from being harmed or protect every women (even if they are evil and culpable)? Mosts activists behave, talk on media shows like they are for the later purpose. But, most men of this generation (you may not agree) are in support of the positive laws for all.


    • 8 AnotherVictim Of 498a October 9, 2011 at 6:31 pm

      @Dr. Mitu,
      Undoubtedly, you are lying. No one tries to burn anyone for dowry. This is the stupidest filmy scene narrated by almost every other so called ‘DOWRY harassment’ complainant. Every one knows burning or killing someone for dowry will only bring problems for them, not more dowry. So this is simply the most illogical reasoning given by false dowry case filing wives.


  4. 9 jaspreet June 5, 2008 at 7:33 am

    hi sir plzzz help us, as we r totally innocent and my wife family is having good relation with punjab police,coz my father in law is a retired DSP from punjab police nad my brother in law is SI in punjab polce, they registered a false 498a case here in india and fled to canada after taking all my documents along with them,passport,canadian PR card,every thing even ,all my educational certificates,,
    we are four in family,dad,mom,me and younger brother,,even we have gifted 40 tolas of GOLD,very costly Clothes,wat to do to take my documents back,and wna save the rest of my family life from those money minded people.


  5. 10 Ajay Kumar Reddy July 9, 2008 at 6:26 am

    Hi sir plzz help me. My wife harassing me last 12yrs. Our marriage was on 25June 1994.I am residing in Raipur(C.G.). She is giving my complaint to all foroum SSP, Mahila Thana, My department, State Mahila ayog, Manav Adhikar ayog. Then i go there & i pleade my situation then they understand. But due to harassement i applied divorce case on 27th october 2006. I purchased one house on 2002, at that time all 2 children along with me. But due to Police pressure i have given my children to my wife. When i filed divorce case she has entered in my house by breaking the locks. She has confiscate my educational documents, House paper, Car paper, NSC, Fixed Deposite, Bank Pass book & ATM cards. She is not giving me all thatthings. I have given the complaint letter to Police, she has denied to give that things. I have filed the 406, 34 to the complaint case, that is registered against them. When court released bail warrant so she applied 498A ( Physical & Mental Harrasement)against me on 25may 2008 against me & my parents. Even that she has not gven any complaint about that dowry taking. I have not taken not a sinle paisa, even that i have one document that by his father that, I have never demanded any Dowary.My parents does not contact with her last 8-10yrs. She has given the complaint on me 23 may 2008 at 11PM. then Police arrested me on 25 may morning 6am from my Raipur house ( Complaint was done on Bhilai 35KM away). Police arrested me & senior citizen of my parents & arrested me, when my mother was not in good condition. It was applied due to political influence. Police has applied handcuff on me. I feel very much hurt in my prestage. I was immidiately get bail on the same day.
    I want help on this matter that this due to Political pressure this case is filed against me. I wana to know, how can i give the punshment to my wife on this false report? Witout investigation how Police arrested me & My parents? Police has submitted the “Bayan” of witnessed in that there is not a single word for my Parents because they are not comming last 10yrs.


  6. 11 rakesh kumar serving in IAF August 3, 2008 at 10:33 am

    in the 4 yrs of my marriage, my wife deserted me 6 times , this time she has lengthened it fo more than 15 months with no contacts of whereabout and with whome and suddenly appeared a letter of her for alimony with baseless allegation from my department( indian air force).i feel like raped first at my home town when she flle away with someone and again at my duty place so i can say that im raped twice and now she is trying 2 prove me as like prostitute with baseless allegation of cruelty for which she does not hav any proof. i want the god like men to intervene in my case otherwise i will leave this earth to take the justice from god.

    –Rakesh Kumar
    109 hu, af stn sulur


    • 12 sunny August 26, 2011 at 6:51 pm

      hi rakesh,i m also in indian navy.and mere dost jo problem tere sath hai wo hi problem mere sath hai magar dost dar mat ,in se ladenge aur jeetenge b .contact me at 9371072111


  7. 13 D Deb August 14, 2008 at 1:06 pm

    Hi Rakesh,

    Come on. Be BOLD. Don’t behave like a feminine. We are men and we are proud of it.

    Consult a good lawyer.

    Never ever think of leaving this world before you win the match.

    Read “Geeta” – you’ll get a lot of courage to fight the menace.



  8. 14 Dr. S.Sarkar August 19, 2008 at 4:27 pm

    DR. MITU,
    You agreed that todays domestic violence laws are pro-women-which in itself violates the fundamental rights of men-the right to equality!No judiciary is above the constitution of INDIA which guarantees citizens their basic human rights.It is agreed that if my sister would be harassed genuinely, I would fight for it, but never would I allow her to falsely implicate a person & bring him down from riches to rags for my sisters’ own personal gains! I presume you are in the medical profession & will understand the plight of a person like me who shot to the fame of a reputed surgeon after 10 years of rigorous & dedicated hardwork in a town in W.B.& after 13 yrs. of married life & with a child, was arrested after my wife filed a 498a at 6PM, incited the MAHILA SAMITY & the local goons to go on a rampage inside my chamber along with media people with cameras,at 7PM, dragged me out of my chamber while I was seeing patients, beaten up while my wife & her lawyer watched the FUN!
    MY FAULT? I had prayed for judicial separation 2 months back,she hated my family although I was literally forced to sever ties with my family for 13yrs.-I was not allowed to attend my own 2 sisters & my brothers marriages.
    Can you tell me why malafide cases won’t be brought to book by an amendment to the existing laws? Can anyone give me back my lost, hard-earned 10 golden years? Why have I to start from scratch at this age because of some lousy lady’s whims & courtesy the Indian legal system?


  9. 16 mamta August 20, 2008 at 2:50 pm

    i have two brothers .my father is no more and mother also.iwas happily married and living well. my mother insisted me to divide the property among we three children but i refused to take property and suggest her to divide between two brothers . although my brothers never behaved me well . and after my mothers death they did not keep touch with me. i thought parents presence was only my Mayaka. i was not interested in the property.two and half years are passed of my mothers death . my brother has built his house on thland. unfortunetly iwent through ovarian cancer operation last july , chemos are going on . my bith brothers did not either come or even rang me. now i m also suffering short of money. my husband is ahigly gentle person ,he runs asmall shoep. now i want to claim for my right over the property. i m highly depressed. i have two children. no ragistry is done by my mother. the mother had given the satement in the society in the favour of brother. one part of the property belonged to my grand father.


    • 17 amrit February 21, 2011 at 4:36 pm

      just passing through, i read ur comment. you must file a lawsuit for claiming the property, but there is only one condition- the property must be ancestral, and if it is ancestral yuor mother and father had or have no right to deny your share without taking a statement from you on a stamp paper that you dnt want to claim the same. now if the property is ancestral, go file a lawsuit and get degree.there is no power with the court to withold ur right. best of luck


  10. 18 Innocent Wife October 17, 2008 at 6:44 pm

    My sister filed Civil Maintenance Suits u/s. 18 and 20 of Hindu Adoption & Maintenance Act in the Ld ADJ, On first appearance her C.A. husband filed Written Statement and before the next date he filed criminal defamation complaint u/s. 500 of IPC against her wife/my sister through same counsel (Later on Trial Court passed summoning order against my sister by writing–Arguments heard, there are sufficient grounds to proceed against accused but interestingly it was not a Speaking Order as well points of arguments not recorded by Ld. M.M.). On the next date in civil maint. suit my sister’s counsel filed a photocopy of a salary certificate even before interim order and evidence, in the presence of opposite counsel, copy given to him. In counter opposite Counsel filed an application u/s. 340 Cr.P.C. for the offences u/s. 193,467,468,471,209 and 420 with supporting affidavit on the basis of salary certificate against my sister in the same maint. suit but interestingly during the pendency of the 340 Cr.P.C. application he filed an independent crml. Complaint u/s. 465/468/34 of IPC through same counsel on the same “Salary Certificate” filing not only against her but also against me (only brother). The Trial Court issued the summon against my sister not only u/s. 465/468 as well as 471 of IPC by writing the misleading arguments of his counsel that an application u/s.340 Cr.P.C. was filed and withdrawn that why present complaint has been filed. The M.M. not given any reason of imposing a extra section(471- which is non-bailable -of 7 years imprisonment like 468)but did not summoned me meanwhile the Ld. ADJ Court passed the interm maint. order in favour of my sister and her son. During the pendency of maint suit her husband filed an application for Suspension of Maint. and my sister filed reply with effect that her son is major operated for serious ailment after receiving the reply her husband filed Divorce Suit on the grounds of Cruelty and Desertion within 5 days. It is admitted facts that my sister has not filed any crml. case except civil maint. suit even her only brother(myself) not filed any case after not summoning in forgery complaint (465/468/34 IPC), her husband admitted that he was blessed with one male child and not filed any application in any Court to meet his child , he has not sent any birthday card or gift to his child during the separation of 5 years, he has not consulted any doctor about the ailment of his child even after getting the copies of ailment documents, he prayed in his reply to maint. petition/application regarding his child for dismissal with cost, he does not offer any money for his child voluntarily , he challenged the interim maint. order in Hon’ble Delhi High Courts, All these admission recorded in his cross examination which was done by my sister herself in his complaint u/s 500 as well as 465/468 of IPC, my sister has not taken Defense in any crml. complaints filed by her husband and got acquittal order in 500 IPC and discharge order in 465/468/471 IPC and the Ld. MM found the both cases FALSE. After that her husband filed revision in 500 IPC. directly in Honble DHC which was dismissed without summoning and therefore her husband wisely filed the revision of 465/468/471 not in Hon’ble DHC but Ld. ASJ Court. Ld. ASJ issued Notice to her at 3 addresses at the instance of Counsel of husband perhaps it was done by her husband/Cousel to circulate the contents in neighbors by her husband (more particularly husband and his counsel know the exact address of my sister who is living with my family). My sister herself conducted the cross-exam. of petitioner witnesses in divorce suit and leave the right of filing the affidavits in evidence in defense so that case is fixed for Final Arguments. At present, she will has to appear in the Court of Ld. ASJ in 465/468/471 IPC. Maint. Suit is also fixed for final arguments. SO EVALUATE


  11. 19 sunil.banjara December 21, 2008 at 10:32 am

    Respected Sir ji,
    My name is Sunil Banjara.I am a citizen of india & belong to distt. Karnal in Haryana.Sir ji , my wife had fired a false case of dowry (Under IPC 498a) against me & my parents from distt. jhajjar ( she belongs to jhajjar).Even Police allowed her to do so without any investigation. I searched on internet about 498a & found that this law is fully against me. Even people term 498a as a legal terrorism as 99% dowry cases are false.Sir please help me . I am completely innocent. I never had done anything wrong with anyone in my life.Sir i just finished my MCA study in july 2008 & i am looking for a job.I want to make my carrer now.But my wife had put a questionmark on my life.I don’t know why she is doing so(may be for money). I had never done anything wrong with her.Now i am in fear of police arrest. My family is also suffering with me.I belongs to a middle class family & i am unable to spent money on this case. This law is clearly destroying my life. This is not a story of a single person(me). there are millions of people suffering like me.
    Sir ji, I request you to modify this(498 a) law.This law was made to help the victim womens but what is the benefit as only 1% cases are true.Please modify this law to avoid its missuse & save milions of indian families.You can visit “” for more information about this law.
    I know you are very busy & you don’t have time for a common man like me.But still i am sending this email because there is some belief in the corner of my heart.You can save my life to be ruined. Please Investigate about the matter. Please reply if possible.

    Thanking You.I sincerly apologise for anything wrong is written in this email which hurts the feelings of anyone.

    Yours Faith Fully,
    Sunil Banjara

    From :
    Sunil Banjara s/o Rohtash Banjara
    Prem Colony,
    Kaithal Road,
    Pin -132001
    Email id-

    Phone: +91-9896304697

    Details of my wifes family:

    Manju d/o Chab singh
    village -saankhol (in bahadurgarh)
    opposite govt school.
    distt- jhajjar
    state- Haryana
    phone :9466311483


  12. 21 Mohd S January 2, 2009 at 7:22 am

    Hi Sunil,
    We know you are in pain, but this website is not for a place to seek relief for your pain. This purpose of this website is to provide information that may make you “aware” of the current practices in 498 related cases.

    Also try not give out personal information on public sites such as these. Try to contact the ADMIN and get your personal info (name/addresss/phone number etc) deleted from the post above.
    best of luck to you and may truth always win.


  13. 22 Ahmed January 12, 2009 at 9:32 am


    I got married on 18th Aug 2006 and I was not told from my in-laws that my wife is not matured always acting as children talking nonsense can say no meaning full talks and also don’t have interest on any house hold work. I have been suffering from last 3 years and I took her treatment but she refused to take medicine given by doctors and maximum she came twice for consoling later she refused to visit doctor. Some how we were managing her if some one keep her for at least 1 month they can easily find that she is unfit even to perform day to day small job example making tea or coffee too . Mine time my mother-in-law has raised complaint at Human Rights Commission that we are not taking care of her and not giving equal status etc . On 1 Jan 2009 two officers came to our home to check if we are doing something wrong with her and they started consoling I have given them her report. I don’t know what is role of HCR in this!!! Plz advice me is this is first step for dowry act 498-A.


  14. 23 Ganesh February 1, 2009 at 12:41 am

    Thank you for this wonderful website and help being rendered to many 498a victims.
    Me and my ex are citizens of US and the courts here have granted divorce 6months ago. Our counsel would like to know if the 498a and other civil cases filed in India by my ex can be withdrawn be a written affidavit by her without me travelling to India. Is it appropriate for our counsel in US to write to advocates, magistrate and Judges in India for the advisory of withdrawing the cases in India.
    Please advise.


  15. 24 heena makhija April 16, 2009 at 3:50 pm

    i really appreciate steps taken by ur foundation to spread awareness regarding misuse of 498a nd domestic violence. nd i wud really want more nd more ppl 2 knw tht women r nt the sufferers everytime. thy often misuse these laws 2 harass their innocent in laws nd husbands….. giving indiscriminate power under these sections wud further destroy the institution…….. its a gr8 initiative! carry on wid ths.youth understands the need 2 brng out the truth nd i whole heartdly support ths cause.


  16. 25 rohit mattoo April 29, 2009 at 7:15 am

    Dear All

    I am 30 years old Lower middle class Kashmiri Pandit settled in Delhi, working as an elect.engg in a well known company in Noida. I was married to a Kashmiri Pandit girl in Jan 2007 from Jammu, She was also working in some IT firm in delhi, her father is a police inspector in Jammu, he is very much attached to her, as his son is living in Bombay for last 12 years, with her wife. for this reason he wanted me shift to jammu by leaving my job ,parents and my home in delhi, my wife is not self driven and she follows blindly what her parents tell her, for fulfilling this desire they started blaming my mother for each and every small issue and tried to pursue me as per they wished when they failed in this she left my house only 4 months after our marriage when she was pragnant also, then I tried to get her back and visited their relatives and her parental home several times along with my parents but she refused to come back, in the mean while she delivered a male child in jammu I visited the hospital the next day with my mother and I remained there for 3 days then I went to their home at the time of her discharge from hospital, there her father started abusing my parents badly called badnames to them when i objected he slapped me and it brokeout as a fight between us, in the meanwhile i was badly hurt at the forehead and an FIR was registered against him I was taken to a govt hospital in jammu by relatives residing nearby in jammu, my father-in-law was under arrest for that night, I was given 4 stiched in forehead and remained for 24 hrs under observation in hospital. since then my wife alongwith my 1.5 years old son is residing in her parental house in jammu .and they finally used sources, influence and money to close our FIR, eliminated all proofs showing that he was under arrest THROUGH ONLY PRODUCING one sided witnesses (interested parties), taking full advantage of being a local policeman in jammu, and filled follwing four cases against me and my relatives who visited their home to rescue me after the incident.

    1. DOWRY CASE IPC-498A

    2. LOOT & ATTACK with a mob CASE against 10 relatives.

    3.Maintenance case IPC-125 under which I am paying her Rs4000 pm

    4. DIVORSE case with a ALIMONY of Rs.1500000 or Rs 10000 pm (my salary is Rs120000 pm.)

    POLICE did not even ceased my BLOOD STAINED shirt, niether they recorded our relatives statements, they didn’t provided me any vehicle to the hospital when I was badly injured. I am having blood stained shirt, FIR copy, MLC report from the govt hospital, DAINIK JAGRAN NEWSPAPER cutting stating the whole incident along with Police SP’s statement on the arrest on my father-in-law, along with application to IGP, DGP J&K police to reopen the case, with copy of orders to reopen the case to regional police station SHO. But still we are suffering badly both mentally & financially, every month I have to attend 4 cases in jammu along with my 60 years older parents, while we are stationed in delhi.

    I have attached some snaps dipicting his cruelty on me and also on the public being a POLICE INSPECTOR.

    I am writing this letter with a hope for some feasible solution for this problem. I REQUEST YOU ALL FOR THE SAKE OF OUR justice to our never ending trauma. I am having a younger sister also and if something is not coming out for this problem we all are forced to commit suicide.

    Every time I approached her she felt that I am scared of the four court cases filled by her and her father against us. She is not in a state to take appropriate decision.

    whatever we have gone through for past 2 years is the limit of mental and physical trauma, her father is misguiding her, and making gaps between us, BY DEMANDING Rs. 15,00,000 against breakage of our wedlock (Marriage). But I know that we are against this breaking of married relationship and we will not be able to pay Rs. 15,00,000 to her father as we cant afford and not having this intention TO GET SEPERATED as my son’s life will be spoiled. we never have demanded a single ruppee from them.

    Rohit Mattoo




  17. 26 deepti saini May 20, 2009 at 9:36 am

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  18. 27 deepti saini June 16, 2009 at 6:17 am

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    • 28 Roshan Saini October 4, 2010 at 8:18 pm

      Aap pareshaan mat ho,
      Aap legal aid office mein jaao,
      wahan par aapko muft salah milegi aur agar zarurat hogi to vakeel bhi diya jayeyga, jiska aapko koi kharcha nahi dena padega……
      Roshan Saini



  19. 29 rakesh saini,Lko. June 19, 2009 at 10:41 am

    Aap kis tarah ki madad chahti hain? Ap mere e.mail par mail kar dijie.


  20. 30 rakesh saini,Lko. June 19, 2009 at 10:44 am

    Ap mere e.mail par mail kar dijie.Mai lucknow main rahta hu.Ap lucknow me aa sakti hain? Ap ko kaisi or kis tarah ki madad chahiye?


  21. 32 Tejpal Dahmiwal June 25, 2009 at 6:21 am

    Deer sir,
    I am Tejpal.I am faceing 498a,313,406,506 at court of Bhiwani .My case is now on evdience.I and my perntes are acused in this case.
    My wife and her perntes submited that they give us dowry at the time of my mariege in the (FIR,CHALAN and their EVEDIENCE).
    So i want to make a (FIR or case)in DOWRY PROHIBITION ACT Agenst this falls case .
    So please help me how can I make it. If you have an order of any cases please give me those guide me to file this case .


    • 33 Roshan Saini October 4, 2010 at 8:31 pm


      Reserved on: 12.02.2007
      Date of Decision: February 23, 2007
      Smt. Neera Singh….. Petitioner
      Through:Mr. L.B. Rai and Mr. V.K. Singh,
      THE STATE (GOVT. OF NCT OF DELHI) and ORS…..Respondents
      Through: Mr. Vikas Arora, Advocate for respondent
      Ms. Richa Kapoor with Ms. Sukriti Bhardwaj, Advocates for State.

      1. This petition under Section 482 of Cr.P.C. has been made on behalf of petitioner for quashing/setting aside the order dated 20th July, 2006 passed by learned Additional Sessions Judge, Delhi whereby the learned ASJ upheld the order of the Trial Court discharging appellants Bishan Pal Singh, Smt. Santosh Devi, Gajendar Singh and Toshan Singh. Bishan Pal Singh is the father-in-law of the complainant, Smt. Santosh Devi is the mother-in-law of complainant and Gajender Singh and Toshan Singh are the brothers-in-law (husband’s brothers) of the complainant. The complainant made allegations involving almost every member of the family of her in laws. Learned Metropolitan Magistrate, after going through the evidence observed as under:

      Perusal of record shows that the allegations of the complainant are against the accused person except the accused husband with respect of taunting for bringing insufficient dowry. But there is not a single allegation that the accused persons made any subsequent demand for dowry and consequent harassment for not meeting with their demands. Admittedly the complainant and her husband and in laws of the complainant were staying at Ghaziabad. Whereas the complainant most of the time resided with her husband at Riwari. It was held in AIR 1996(Supreme Court) 67 that taunting for not bringing sufficient dowry is distinct from demand of dowry and should not be confused with. Though taunting for bringing insufficient dowry is also an uncivilized act but does not come within the purview of Section 498A, sufficient to constitute the offence i.e. the cruelty to the complainant with respect to not fulfillment of demand of of dowry. There is not a single allegation that except for the alleged taunting the complainant was ever harassed with respect to further demand of dowry. Hence the prima facie case under Section 498A is not made out against accused Bishan Pal, Santosh Devi, Gazender Singh and Kaushan Singh.

      2. Against this order, the petitioner preferred a revision petition before the Court of Sessions and the learned Sessions Judge after considering the entire material observed as under ? In the present case, husband, Yashwant Singh, after marriage was residing separately from his parent and brothers. He was residing at Rewari, Haryana. The Ld. Trial Court found that allegation of the complainant are against the husband only. There were no specific allegations against the accused persons, namely, Bishan Pal Singh, Smt. Santosh Devi, Gajender Singh and Toshan Singh. The Ld. Trial Court was of the opinion that there was not even a single allegation that the accused persons made any subsequent demand of dowry and harassed the complainant for not fulfilling their demand. The complainant most of the time was residing with her husband at Rewari, Haryana. There might have been one or two instances of taunting for not bringing sufficient dowry but they are not sufficient enough to attract Section 498A. There are not specific allegations with respect to entrustment of dowry items to the accused persons. Since, the complainant stayed with her husband at Rewari, Haryana, the entrustment of dowry articles can be presumed to be to the husband. There were no specific allegations of entrustment to the accused person, namely, Bishan Pal Singh, Smt. Santosh Devi, Gajender Singh and Toshan Singh.?
      3. A perusal of the complaint would show that as per allegations dowry demand was made even before marriage i.e. at the time of engagement and an AC was demanded from her father by her in-laws and her father had assured that AC would be given at the time of marriage. However, she told her father “You have given car and AC at the demand of in laws, what will happen if they demand a flat tomorrow?”. Despite her this conversation with her father and despite her knowing that dowry demand had already been made, she married in the same family irrespective of the fact that she was well-educated lady and was an engineer and her brother was in police. In fact, these kinds of allegations made after breakdown of the marriage show the mentality of the complainant. I consider where these kinds of allegations are made, the police should simultaneously register a case under Dowry Prohibition Act (in short, the Act) against the parents of the complainant as well, who married their daughter despite demand of dowry. Section 3 of the Act prohibits giving and taking of dowry. If a woman of grown up age and well educated gets married to a person despite dowry demand, she and her family becomes accomplice in the crime under Dowry Prohibition Act.
      4. Now-a-days, exorbitant claims are made about the amount spent on marriage and other ceremonies and on dowry and gifts. In some cases claim is made of spending crores of rupees on dowry without disclosing the source of income and how funds flowed. I consider time has come that courts should insist upon disclosing source of such funds and verification of income from tax returns and police should insist upon the compliance of the Rules under Dowry Prohibition Act and should not entertain any complaint, if the rules have not been complied with. Rule 2 of the Dowry Prohibition (Maintenance of List of Presents to the Bride and Bridegroom) Rules, 1985 reads as under: ? 2. RULES IN ACCORDANCE WITH WHICH LISTS OF PRESENTS ARE TO BE MAINTAINED.-(1) The list of presents which are given at the time of the marriage to the bride shall be maintained by the bride. (2)The list of presents which are given at the time of the marriage to the bridegroom shall be maintained by the bridegroom. (3)Every list of presents referred to in Sub-rule(1) or Sub-rule(2)- (a) shall be prepared at the time of the marriage or as soon as possible after the marriage; (b) shall be in writing; (c) shall contain:- (i) a brief description of each present; (ii) the approximate value of the present; (iii) the name of the person who has given the present; and (iv) where the person giving the present is related to the bride or bridegroom, a description of such relationship. (d) shall be signed by both the bride and the bridegroom.
      5. The Metropolitan Magistrates should take cognizance of the offence under the Act in respect of the offence of giving dowry whenever allegations are made that dowry was given as a consideration of marriage, after demand. Courts should also insist upon compliance with the rules framed under the Act and if rules are not complied with, an adverse inference should be drawn. If huge cash amounts are alleged to be given at the time of marriage which are not accounted anywhere, such cash transactions should be brought to the notice of the Income Tax Department by the Court so that source of income is verified and the person is brought to law. It is only because the Courts are not insisting upon compliance with the relevant provisions of law while entertaining such complaints and action is taken merely on the statement of the complainant, without any verification that a large number of false complaints are pouring in.
      6. I consider that the kinds of vague allegations as made in the complaint by the petitioner against every member of the family of husband cannot be accepted by any court at their face value and the allegations have to be scrutinized carefully by the Court before framing charge. A perusal of the complaint of the petitioner would show that she made all kinds of allegations against her husband regarding beating, that her husband was having illicit relationship with 35 girls; he forced her to write suicide note, abused her, taunted her, threatened and told her that he was getting another bride of more richer family while she was in Rewari with her husband and she made telephone call to her parents who came to Rewari and took her to parental home. She had also given phone to one of her friends Jigyasa. A perusal of the statement of Jigyasa would show that she told Jigyasa that it was her husband who was torturing her and behaving with cruelty. However, in her complaint, she made vague and omnibus allegations against every other family members. The statement made by her and other witnesses have been scrutinized by me, except vague allegations and allegations of taunting, there are no allegations of perpetuating cruelty on her by any of the four respondents in order to compel her to bring more dowry or any particular items.
      In view of my foregoing discussion, I find no reason to disagree with the order of two Courts below. The petition is hereby dismissed being devoid of merits.



    • 34 amrit February 21, 2011 at 4:45 pm

      try to access the judgements of justice dhingra.and also search 498 survivel guide on the google u will get more than you will need. best of luck


  22. 35 bnsingh November 10, 2009 at 9:07 am

    worst is the situation when a case u/s498a ipc is reported in a police station.insensitive,untrained and semilitrate subordinate officers enjoined upon investigations of such cases abjectly abuse the power to arrest in grinding their own axes.most of the cases are not properly supervised by senior officers for various reasons .very often a false case ends up in charge sheet due to lack of supervisory control and analytical investigaton .and a family is ruined.a few suggestions may be made for reducing misuse of s498a ipc—1.all such cases must notbe investigated by an officer below a dy sp.2.sp of the district must supervise the case personally.3.all the statements prosecution and defence witnesses must be recorded u/s164cr.p.c.before arrest of accused arrest should be made without written order of the sp concerned.


  23. 36 arjun September 8, 2010 at 12:25 pm

    dear Sir,

    I want to thanks and i am happy to read Justice Dhingra’s judgements i am to going through 498a in 2005 and interim maintenence order is paid since 2005 order on 2007 asked to pay frm the date of intrim application date.

    Now i hve filed fr divorce under degertion and cruelty ground cross examin taken frm both side lady judge at fc critisized the complainent for my passport sizing but still she asked to get mutually settle now i had paid till date 133k and she demands for another 300k i being unemployed and i lost uae job as false 498a filed only to extract money instead court should help me in the matter instead they ask me to go for settlement almost 7 yrs lost since marrige lived only 2 months with wife wife brother is the main who conspired the case. i hve been saying to join the matrimonial home she refuses.

    I can only afford to pay further 150k child is there and she had sent her in boarding and is working hve no proof grduate by education.

    i hope justice dhigra like judges appear in maharastra mumbai hero like them are still there i salute for his judgements which justifies the case where as hear in maharastra women hve given free hand to allege any thing and go safe also rewrded with financial benefits extracted frm desparet hhusbands.

    i hve left with no choice one side sr. ctzn parents whom i hv to take them courts for attending.

    god u know all even if past deeds we reap pls have mercy upon all.


  24. 37 neeraj agarwal October 4, 2010 at 9:49 am

    Hello Sir,
    I am neeraj agarwal from meerut, maine 13-04-2004 mein apni family k against shadi ki thi jiske bad meri family ne mujhe bedhkal kar dia tha, main apni wife ke sath rahne laga lekin thode h din m meri wife n mujhe bataya ki usne meri property k vajag se h mujhse shadi k thi or mujhe daily ladai jhagra karne lage or mujhe tabhi ye bhi pata laga ki uske mere alava be or logo ka sexual relation th shadi k bad bhi or pahle bhi jo ki usne mujhe khud bata dia tha lekin main usse itna pyar karta tha ki maine sab maf kar diya, or phir hum log sath kush rahne lage or tab meri wife ki sister or uski mummy ka ana hamare yaha ho gaya, kueki uski sister ka charactar sahi nahi tha or wo apne husband se jagra karti thi or apne husband ka afaire kisi ladki se batati thi usne uske khilaf 498a mein mukadma kiya or jail karwai or khud ek admi ke sath khuleaam rahne lagi maine tabhi apni wife se uski sister se rista khatam karne ke liye kaha lekin meri wife nahi mani or usse aana jana chalu rakha, or ab wahi kahani mere sath chal rahi h meri wife mere sath bhi wahi kar rahi he or mukadama kar diya lekin mahila thane sulaha ho gai lekin, next day hi usne fir apne brother, sister or jija ko bulwaya or mere sath mar pitai ki or ghar s bhaga diya ab aap muje batye ki me kya karu kyuki wo mujse yahi kahti h k mahila thana mere sath h or tu to dharti par nazar b nahi ayega warna jo hum chate h wo hame karne de.. plz ab aap muje batye ki mein kya karu or muje nyay kese or kaha se milega………..


    • 38 Roshan Saini October 4, 2010 at 8:23 pm

      Agar aapkey paas koi thos saboot hain to court mein divorce ka case daalein adultry & cruelty k grounds par……
      agar thos saboot nahin hain to ikatthha karein, agar saccahi hogi to kutch na kutch zaroor mil jayeyga
      roshan saini



      • 39 varsha August 17, 2014 at 7:28 am

        Dear sir
        M from UP.. i got marriage in 2009. I have faced too many problms and i dont know what to do and how to do m from small city and if u guide m thn may i will find justice.could u give m ur no plz


  25. 40 L G DASS October 14, 2010 at 11:11 am

    The judgments rendered by Hon’ble Justice Dhingra are unique in themselves and incomparable. The judgment in the case of Prof. Imtiaz v Durdana Zamir, in particular is “Lajawab” so far as the comments regarding caste of ‘julaha’ is concerned. I appreciate from the deepest of my heart to the Hon’ble Court and Justice Dhingra for his commendable job.


    L.G. Dass, Adv


  26. 41 krishankmittal October 15, 2010 at 2:11 pm

    Pl put full name and adresses of all females who have logded false FIRs u /s 498a,306,and34 on the website.SIF foundation should put this information on their website for information of the public and for cross checking in case of remarriage.


    • 42 Rajat February 22, 2011 at 5:23 am

      This is a nice idea.If something can be done by publishing name that should deter others including brides parents who indulge in levying false allegation with motives of financial gains. A time would come when it would become a racket like anyother racket.


  27. 43 deepak January 14, 2011 at 11:13 am


    Mera naam deepak hai. Main paise se office main peon hoon.5 saal pehle mere bhai ki saadi hui thi aur saadi ke turant baad hume pata chala ki ladki mentally disturebe hai. Iss behalf pe humne court me disulation of marriage ka case file kiya tha.parantu ab ladki ke baap ne humari family par section 12 A ka case file kar diya ki be buniaad hai.main kya karu


  28. 44 Arjun January 19, 2011 at 8:10 am

    Honourable Justice Dhingra

    Please we need personility like you in all over india to keep the emblem of satya meva jayate, country is heading downward disrupting civil family lives to run after courts and waste their productive energy and money for proving the false allegations made by unscruplous mis behaved law abuser misuser for their ulterior motive and financial gain. After this we don’t feel any threat by theif and docoits or terrorists who may come and go in one time maybe hurting or robbing it doesnot effect where as running after courts for years and years and getting harrassed by delays tha remains of faith on indian judiciary is shaking us please restore back the faith and trust of billions in the country no young lives should go waste in false legal chase which may not lead any where no govt or law will restore back the losses occurs due to delay in justice

    As general public i beg you to do something more you have done much people follows the heros i do so

    make all the well



  29. 45 Adil February 13, 2011 at 12:59 pm

    saini sir mjhe aap ki madad chaiye mere bhai ki wife ka case h 498 ka case h sir so call me 09027727676


  30. 46 amrit February 21, 2011 at 5:12 pm

    sir, i am disappointed to participate on your blog. i was searching something benificial to me, to contest my case under 125 crpc, during my search i came accross many distressed people like me so i started sharing with them what i know.there is one deepti saini also, who has given her mobile number,she just really misbehaved with me, which shows that she was not more sinned against than sinning.
    moreover, you should put you clock on the right time. i posted different comments between 10 to 10.45 pm which are being shown at 4.50 or something pm


  31. 47 Rajat March 7, 2011 at 3:48 am

    The way the divorce petitions are decided out of court by the girls to extort the money and even the marriages are preplanned, one should not wonder that such marriages performed are no less than the business done by prostitutes. Several examples are there where the girls perform the marriage with a pre-planning to get out of marriage ties in a definite definite time schedule and exit with lakhs of rupees. The legislature must consider the way out to arrest such tendecies of business where even the girls parents are also involved for quick buck and it has become a business model.


  32. 48 Rajat March 7, 2011 at 6:10 pm

    The mediation cell in Delhi set up by government are working as official shops for negotiation between wife and husband. The purpose of these mediation cells was first to try for patch up in order to save marriage if possible and then facilitate settlement as per legal system. It is very disheartening to mention that these mediation centres start straightway as to how much money the poor and harrssed husband can shell out to get rid of further harrassment. The legal provision is kept on one side and tried to extract as much money as possible. We should awake the government and start bringing out complaints so that the santity of mediation centre is protected. I am bent upon making system in order and seek people to feed me with the information.


  33. 49 abhishek shrivastava April 19, 2011 at 5:02 pm

    sir,i got married in june was a love cum arrange all false cases after one month she start fighting..
    fighting for everything like food..cloths etc..with my mother..when i told that to her family..they said she is right and why dont u leave ur family..i was shocked..well after one month of my marriage one she called my bhabi’s house and said:aap log apni ladki ko wapas bula lo waha us ko bahut pareshani hoti hai..they shouted on her and off the phone..when i came to know about it..again she did fight and gone to her parents house..i called her to come back but
    she and her family reply me that: wo tabhi wapas aayegi jab tum alag rehne lago was not possiable for me..after one year
    she agreed to come back..i thought that now she will understand my family..but after few days she starts fighting..and now this time she calls her family too for fighting..her family members came and day they came for fight and advice her: is sab ko jhoote case main fasa day i go to mahila thana and gave a written application that she and her family fight with us and threatening for false case..they called her and family for counseling but she refused to live with me and filed FIR against me and my family..we got AB and after regular bail..after that a SIPAHI in police station told me that her elder brother is criminal..i said she told me that he is in private job..i was shocked..after that i found that she hide her age also..she is two years elder to me..i was shocked after charge she gave false bill’s,false statement of GAWAH..i dont know who they are..false bank statement..waiting for 1st trail..please guide me is there any way to prove that they are false and this is a false 498a..please help..its a second month when i was unable to sleep..thanx..


    • 50 Amita July 11, 2014 at 12:17 pm

      Aaj kal roge case ho rahay h ki wife ghar Aatay hi na pariwar k hisab se kam karti h na hi unki koi baat sunti h Aatay he police or court police ki threats koi kasay ghar ki SaaS pariwar ki chejo ko aanaywali bahu ko dey paygi kasay pariwar chalaygay shadi nam ki sanstha se logo ka viswash uth raha h or court se bhi kanoon bhi apna kam sahi nahi kar raha dekhtay huay bhi ki ladki halat h phir bhi usi k talak par rasi honay par hi talak diya jata h chaay ladka or iska pariwar kitna hi paraysan kyo na ho ladkay wali ki koi sunwai nahi h ladkay hi doshi manay jaygay?????


  34. 51 ab April 19, 2011 at 5:04 pm

    sir,i got married in june was a love cum arrange all false cases after one month she start fighting..
    fighting for everything like food..cloths etc..with my mother..when i told that to her family..they said she is right and why dont u leave ur family..i was shocked..well after one month of my marriage one she called my bhabi’s house and said:aap log apni ladki ko wapas bula lo waha us ko bahut pareshani hoti hai..they shouted on her and off the phone..when i came to know about it..again she did fight and gone to her parents house..i called her to come back but
    she and her family reply me that: wo tabhi wapas aayegi jab tum alag rehne lago was not possiable for me..after one year
    she agreed to come back..i thought that now she will understand my family..but after few days she starts fighting..and now this time she calls her family too for fighting..her family members came and day they came for fight and advice her: is sab ko jhoote case main fasa day i go to mahila thana and gave a written application that she and her family fight with us and threatening for false case..they called her and family for counseling but she refused to live with me and filed FIR against me and my family..we got AB and after regular bail..after that a SIPAHI in police station told me that her elder brother is criminal..i said she told me that he is in private job..i was shocked..after that i found that she hide her age also..she is two years elder to me..i was shocked after charge she gave false bill’s,false statement of GAWAH..i dont know who they are..false bank statement..waiting for 1st trail..please guide me is there any way to prove that they are false and this is a false 498a..please help..its a second month when i am unable to sleep..thanx..


    • 52 Roshan Saini August 8, 2011 at 8:17 am

      Unfortunately, U R on receiving end…… And will be always……
      But one thing, just for your info….
      As U have said that U took Anticipatory Bail and Regular Bail,,, meaningby the matter is sub judice,,, then avoid writing your views on public portals…. It may amount to contempt of court….. This is just a brotherly advice from a lawyer-friend.

      Though there are very remote chances of your respite but U can go for the following:

      (i) Divorce case based upon cruelty, desertion and other grounds if available.

      (ii) Criminal complaint of 420, forgery, conspiracy etc………

      Waisey ek baat hai,,,, your lawyers must B giving U proper advice…. Unkey kahney par chalo to sab theek ho jayeyga,,, Trust your lawyer….


      Roshan Saini & Ambrish
      Chamber: 10, Civil Supplies Building, Tis Hazari Courts, Delhi – 110401
      Ph: 09312210067, 09971790507


  35. 53 Abhinatre Gupt June 6, 2011 at 7:21 am

    By Indo Asian News Service | IANS – Fri, May 13, 2011″

    New Delhi, May 13 (IANS) A bridegroom landed behind bars after his father allegedly demanded dowry just before the marriage ceremony was to begin, police said.
    Avinetra, 25, a resident of Nangloi in west Delhi, was formally engaged to a girl April 16 and their marriage was scheduled Wednesday. ‘The bridegroom with ‘baratis’ arrived at the bride’s place at Geeta Colony in East Delhi and exchanged the garland,’ said a police officer.
    Just before the marriage was about to take place, Avinetra’s father Laxmi Narayan demanded Rs.20 lakh cash for a car and a television, alleged the bride’s mother Sunita Devi.
    ‘When the bride’s family failed to convince Laxmi Narayan, they thrashed Avinetra for being a mute spectator and grabbed both father and son and took them to the Geeta Colony police station at around 4 a.m.,’ said the officer.
    The bride’s family alleged that they had met all the demands from the bridegroom’s side before the engagement took place but the latter suddenly asked for dowry.
    ‘After taking all the statements of both the families, we registered a case of dowry and arrested the bridegroom,’ said the officer.

    Reference URL:

    HERE is my reply which is hundred percent truth nothing else :

    Hi All Respected,

    First of all, Gud Morning to all of you.

    I Introduce myself Abhinatre Gupt s/o Sh. Laxmi Narayan Gupta (GROOM on the same case and married with Kanchan Gupta d/o Sh. Prem Chand Gupta and r/o West guru angad nagar) and mine age is 28 years instead of 25 years and r/o Nangloi, New Delhi.

    Our marriage date is on 11/05/2011. Police arrest me on 12/05/2011 at 03:45 am, Just before phere ceremony. After police media will be there with in a next maximum of 30 minutes (approx). As per my opinion, This all is pre-planned scam to trap me & my family to recover huge amount of money from the reputed family of our’s or bride party are mis-guided by their relatives. Also, one thing too come into my knowledge that bride KANCHAN mother (Smt Sunita Gupta) is her step mom. That’s why in each interview her mother only speak’s and even her father not seen anywhere in any video. On 13th May 2011, Bride Father (Sh. Prem Chand Gupta) come to meet me in police station jail and feel very SORRY & ashamed for the wrong action taken by his family & relatives.

    Even police not allowed me to come in front of media, So that i will say truth. Even all belonging of me & mine family member’s is snatched by Kanchan family member’s itself in I.O. room in police station of geeta colony, But no action has been taken by police and neither any FIR is recorded by any police official’s. Even these bride party member’s thrashed us badly too and my family member’s & relatives. Even police office take my signature in one piece of paper on which back left side Kanchan initial will be there and on right side he will take my initial’s & even not allow me to read that document. After several dramabaaji in police station, Then myself put on police remand for one day, Where police take mine signature in one piece of paper which is not allowed me to read as describe previously. Then i will be on TIHAR Jail for one judicial custody for 14 day of time & release from jail on 26/05/2011 (Night).

    Even my mother is badly beaten by Bride party as well my cousin’s too. My mother discharged from hospital on 03/06/2011 & even condition of my cousin rahul is too not normal now.

    Here only words, I want to say to prove myself right in front of each & everyone that myself ready for polygraph test (Jhooth pakadne ki machine) as me & mine family are innocent on the case. Dat’s why i made request to indian panel court to conduct “Polygraph test” over both of the parties thru yourself. So please proceed my word’s on your own way.

    Also i want to say, If me or mine family member found defaulter on the case then all our property including my educational certificates will be seized immediately and all of us to be hanged till death or for life-time imprisonment.

    So if you trust us, Then kindly put up a pressure for “Polygraph test” thru your media. So that no innocent person will be put behind a jail and a mechanical engineer convert in & as a CRIMINAL and LIAR’s for some amount of money will be freely moved in & around in a metropolitan or in any city or villgesof our Great INDIA.

    Also i make a request from each visitor/reader/visual of this column, Kindly support us as we are innocent and without demanding any dowry will sent to the jail. It’s a dis-respect & unlawful advantage of our indian law made for bride’s for their development after marriage and to protect her for any unlawful act’s. Actually reality is that bride party demand 20 lakh’s from us thru their known person “RESHMA” or may be she tells her name wrong to us in front of police person’s itself in I.O. room.

    Investigation Officer (Mr. Yogesh Kumar) well known about all the activities as well as their team member including SHO of Geeta Colony police station. But no action has been taken by police authority till date. Each & every belonging of bride party is submitted by ourself, But no belonging of our’s is submitted back to us by bride party or neither police will take interest. Everyone will depressed us and no one ready to hear our statement, Also no FIR is filed by police official’s. Our good’s & jewellery is of total value of not less than 9-10 lakh value in INR (Each & every penny is of white money, As our’s family is very famous for our honesty & over our word’s).

    Further i want to say, Still me & mine family member agreed to accept “Kanchan” as i feel may be she was guided wrong by her family member’s or her relatives as well i loved her very much and we don’t need a single belonging of her family member’s. From beginning, I always suggest for court marriage. Mainly i doubt her mother (Smt. Sunita)/ Her Jeeza (Deepak)/ Her Elder Brother (Vishal Gupta) and her complete TAU family including their married daughter’s family and all this creates doubt because in any video her father is not visible because i still hope he will confirm the truth. Otherwise on this case, ” POLYGRAPH TEST – LIE DETECTOR TEST ” will do justice only in a faster & efficient way.

    All this scenario, Makes my life as bad as a hell including my family member’s. Moreover her family member’s snatched all belonging of me and mine family member’s/relatives including our gold belonging’s as well cash and mobile phone’s too.

    Even bride party took up all our belonging including gold/silver of amount 9.0-10.0 Lakh in between. Even several gifts we give to them, When i come back from singapore in April, 2011 first & second week.

    But all apart to these thing’s they confirm us initially that they have 5.0 lakh max budget (At that time we only says no problem we don’t need anything from yourself) and now they claimed that they spent 15.0 Lakh INR. Which is clearly a wrong statement by Kanchan & her family member’s. Also, In her family kanchan elder brother is the only earning member and run’s a cyber cafe in bengali market in acquired shop as per my knowledge because in cyber cafe no one have so much earning to pay rent of shop in bengali shop by this business or they have some other business which is not informed to us by Kanchan family.

    Also if you refer each video shown in any media channel, At no where her father is come in front because he feels ashamed for the act of their family members and i respect him from our initial contact.

    Related to my character, I too confirmed that if any girl known to me near by my residential colony or in office area / in b/w my customer point me out for my character. Then at that time too agreed for any punishment.

    SO please help me, So that truth wins and made a request for “POLYGRAPH TEST” on any first date of the case. Otherwise, Myself have no option except to live a life as bad as in a hell including mine family member’s and main defaulter is all person who helps bride member’s to reflect lie as a truth in front of court on any first date.

    Still expect justice from respective court including each & everyone from yourself. So have a faith over me & build trust too. I loved my “KANCHAN” very much & she is my wife cum life, So i want that no court will penalise her. But her family member’s & relatives will be heavily penalised for their criminal act. I have full faith on GOD & TRUTH and believes on words “SABKA MAALIK EK” by my Sai Nath shraddha saburi.

    So please support me for winning of truth. If any person want to discuss with me anything will surely welcome to discuss with me at anytime over e-mail “” or in my below mentioned both mobile number’s.

    Have a nice time and good life to all of us.

    With Due Respect to All,
    Abhinatre Gupt,


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      from ur story it seems that u love Kanchan

      and after so much why r u still interested in Kanchan ?

      If u have so much faith in ourself then court should give u chance to go far Polygraph Test in interest of justice


      • 55 shivinder pal sangrur March 31, 2013 at 6:51 am

        as per Article 311 of constitution of india every citizen must be given opportunity to prove his innocence


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    All family members of husband’s side should be arrested because they all are in ok mood quietely to proceed against their daughter in law harrassment Otherwise whole family is enough capable to solve and settle this problem like others problems in the family. At any cost family members of husband should not be left under 498a. I am in favour of it.

    P N sharma


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    My brother and my whole family including me have been alleged with all false complaints and we received a letter from Delhi Mahila Ayog to go there to defend us. But, we never did anything we never asked for anything but they want to malign us. Now as we have received the letter what can we do now??

    Shall we go to the police station for a suspection of false 498??
    Or can we also complain against them in Mahila Ayog
    Or can we put a divorce case in court now…
    what should be the course of action now??

    Please suggest asap as we have to go there tomorrow.

    Also please suggest what are the points we should keep in mind when we go there….


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    now they sent me initial latter of full fake allegation . i denied on reply honestly . after that they got worried about if they( my in laws ) would sue that fake allegetion against me ( suraj ) they could be in cases of fake allegetion to hide their tourchness , cruelty, so they forced/requesting their nears /tears and some who know both of our family to set this case before proceed in to court . i just saying if you feel that you alleged fake in written , you should have to write everything in written but they forced me to meet with us at our home ( at my in laws house ).
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Some Interesting Stats On Arrests Of Women

In 1930, the British govt arrested 17,000 women for their involvement in the Dandi Yatra (Salt March). During 1937 to 1947 (10 Years), they arrested 5,000 women involved in the freedom struggle. From 2004 to 2006, the govt of India arrested 90,000 women of all ages under 498A. On the average, 27,000 women per year are being arrested under this flawed law. These are stats from the NCRB.

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The family of the writer was tortured by the Indian Police in an attempt to extort over a $100,000 by holding them in custody for over a week. The police, in cahoots with the magistrate and the PP, did this due to the ridiculous allegations made in a 498A case by his embittered ex-wife. She filed the case years after he and his family had last seen her. Thousands of 498A cases are filed each year in India by women seeking to wreak vengeance on their husbands and in-laws. Enormous sums are extorted from intimidated families implicated in these cases by corrupt Indian police officers and elements of the Indian judiciary. The author and his family haven't bribed any public official nor have they given in to the extortion. This blog aims to raise awareness of due process in India. The content of this blog constitutes, opinions, observations, and publicly available documents. The intent is not to slander or defame anyone or any institution and is the manifestation of the author's right to freedom of expression – with all the protections this right guarantees.

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