LATimes: Post Divorce Women May Have It Worse

This is a great article by LATimes on the financial outlook of post divorce women. The original link is lost, but I had saved a copy of it.

Old story: Women may have it worse

Divorce and lost earning time could put living standards in a free fall late in life.

You can read the rest of the article here: Old story: Women may have it worse



1 Response to “LATimes: Post Divorce Women May Have It Worse”

  1. 1 M.E. Reddy March 29, 2008 at 7:08 am


    Here’s another reason for people to question LA Times’s claim as a credible source of information! What did they base that statement on? Statistics?

    An anonymous statistician once confessed, “There were three gradations of inveracity: There were lies, there were damned lies, and there were statistics!”

    To which social strata do these “Post-Divorce Women” purportedly belong? What do they mean by “Worse”? Compared to Who? What? When? Where? And HOW COME MOST “POST DIVORCE MEN” DON’T AGREE? BECAUSE, IN REAL LIFE, IT JUST AIN’T FREAKING SO! Certainly not in the US and most of Western Europe.

    A drinking buddy once quipped, “A good divorce is when both parties lose!” He should know; he is a very prosperous family law attorney in Santa Monica. “Is he married”, you ask? Occasionally; but only after formalizing a (rather slanted) Pre-Nuptial Agreement.

    Without getting too involved in a long drawn out discussion of the pro’s and con’s of dissolving a marriage, suffice it so say that, more than likely, the marriage was painfully limping toward formal dissolution long before the police, attorneys, judges, bankers, and other vultures were invited into the once private, consecrated nuptial chamber. Both parties were cognizant of post-divorce consequences, including its affect on the children, and on finances. And both parties preferred “pulling the plug” rather than commit to a mutually honest, sincere, and determined “resuscitation” of a critical component of the family’s infrastructure.

    Chances are, as it often happens, divorce is one of the more damaging options in one’s private arsenal of Dirty Revenge Tactics. And when the dust settles, both parties, now thoroughly bamboozled, attempt a bow-legged recovery with a throbbing, hemorrhaging derriere while their lawyers merrily skippity-skip away to the bank. And the once plentiful, “good-intentioned, sympathetic, Pre-Divorce advisors” are nowhere to be seen!

    So, to those bitching to the LA Times about the harsh changes in their post-divorce life, I convey my deepest sympathy: my hemorrhoids bleed for you! It’s really academic as to “Who Has It Worse”. All available evidence seems to unanimously point toward “Who Has It Best”: The skilled opportunists who patiently lie in wait for a banquet such as this.


    (Yes … But it denies you that intense, evil pleasure of publicly humiliating, stripping, condemning, belittling, getting even with that “monster” YOU helped create; the one you once loved. So what if you BOTH sink, and take the kids down with you. Isn’t the sweet taste of revenge worth it?!).


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