Role Of Judiciary In Good Governance: Former CJI YK Sabharwal

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3 Responses to “Role Of Judiciary In Good Governance: Former CJI YK Sabharwal”

  1. 1 Alla Rama Devi December 29, 2008 at 6:56 am

    India is a democratic secular soveriegn Republic with a federal system of government for the people, by the people, and of the people. The Executive, Legislature,and judiciary are the three organs of the government.The Executive executes the laws,legislature makes the laws and the Judiciary plays the vital role in adjudication, thereby keeping an eye as a check toolover the entire system of administration such that what ever laws are enacted by the legislature do not take away the fundamental rights bestowed upon the citizens by chapter III of the constitution or contravene the very basic structure of the constitution as well, envisaged in the preamble- the heartand soul of the Rule of Law.However as far as parliamentary supremacy is bestowed in the amending process yet the role of judiciary is vital in the governance as because Judicial review in order to challenge such amendments and consistency of the amended laws lies within the ambit of the judicial system and not either with the executive nor with the legislature.To the extent of inconsistency though laws could be amended by the legislature yet where the issue involves subject matter and the challenge as to its validity could be only through judicial review and if this power is taken off the power of the judicial system would be eroded.Catena of judgements way back to Golak nath and keshavanand Bharti and till to date reflect the role of the judiciary in the governance of the country.


  2. 2 Alla Rama Devi March 24, 2009 at 11:43 am

    Dear Sir,

    Warm Regards,

    The good repute and fame that has been bestowed on me for my attempt on the aforesaid topic has startled me and i really feel proud and intend to put in some more efforts to elaborate the same .

    I once again thank you all for encouraging me and wish for some more topics on similiar issues to contemplate upon.

    Thanking You,


  3. 3 Alla Rama Devi December 24, 2009 at 11:24 am

    ‘Justice without power is inefficient,Power without justice is tyranny….justice and power must,therefore be brought together,so that whatever just, may be powerful and whatever is powerful may be just.”


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In 1930, the British govt arrested 17,000 women for their involvement in the Dandi Yatra (Salt March). During 1937 to 1947 (10 Years), they arrested 5,000 women involved in the freedom struggle. From 2004 to 2006, the govt of India arrested 90,000 women of all ages under 498A. On the average, 27,000 women per year are being arrested under this flawed law. These are stats from the NCRB.

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The family of the writer was tortured by the Indian Police in an attempt to extort over a $100,000 by holding them in custody for over a week. The police, in cahoots with the magistrate and the PP, did this due to the ridiculous allegations made in a 498A case by his embittered ex-wife. She filed the case years after he and his family had last seen her. Thousands of 498A cases are filed each year in India by women seeking to wreak vengeance on their husbands and in-laws. Enormous sums are extorted from intimidated families implicated in these cases by corrupt Indian police officers and elements of the Indian judiciary. The author and his family haven't bribed any public official nor have they given in to the extortion. This blog aims to raise awareness of due process in India. The content of this blog constitutes, opinions, observations, and publicly available documents. The intent is not to slander or defame anyone or any institution and is the manifestation of the author's right to freedom of expression – with all the protections this right guarantees.

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