AP HC Gives A Lesson In Life

Here is the translation:

Hyderabad Nov. 1: The Andhra Pradesh High Court on Thursday dismissed a petition filed by Ms Sumakiran Mallena, a software professional, requesting that her husband be prevented from donating a portion of his liver to his ailing father. While dismissing the petition, Justice C.V. Nagarjuna Reddy said he was pained that the petitioner had ignored the fundamental reality that her husband owed his existence on this earth to his parents. “It is the selfless sacrifices of the parents that make a child grow and prosper in every respect,” he said. The petitioner had also ignored the reality that nobody could limit or control the mutual affection between parents and children, said the judge. “I find it hard to refrain from expressing some of my feelings before parting with this case,” he remarked. Justice Reddy pointed out that the petitioner did not seem to be conscious of the fact that she herself was a prospective parent and might be in the same situation. He said that the facts of the case raised more ethical issues than legal or constitutional issues, and added that a family squabble was being given the colour of a Constitutional issue in the writ petition. Sumakiran, software analyst in the Intergraph Consulting Private Limited in Secunderabad, is the wife of Nagasayana Baki who is working as a telecom engineer in Minneapolis of the United States . His father, B.G.K. Prasad, is suffering from liver cirrhosis and is being treated at the Apollo Indraprasta Hospital in Delhi . Sumakiran said in her petition that doctors had advised liver transplantation and her husband had flown in from the US on October 20 to donate a portion of his liver to his father. According to her, this would affect the health of her 29-year-old husband, which, in turn will affect her life. “My life will be doomed… in the land of disease and misery,” she said. “It directly offends my right to life and liberty”. She contended that parental affection should be kept under check after a person gets married. However, the judge dismissed the assumptions. “The contention of the petitioner that her husband’s act violates her right under Article 21 is wholly beyond my comprehension,” he said.

Here is a clipping sent to me:

AP HC Gives A Lesson In Life



8 Responses to “AP HC Gives A Lesson In Life”

  1. 1 sunny November 2, 2007 at 5:12 pm

    Does the Govt of India have any guide lines regards Donor safety: Informed Consent & Cooling off period for the donor.

    Without any Ministry of health procedures/guidelines, will the donor not be taken for a ride by hospital authorities, if anything goes wrong to the donor .

    How much can the govt/hospitals/doctors guarantee the donor and recipient?
    Will the hospital not getaway saying the donor and the family signed for the surgery if anything goes wrong to donor or recipient?

    How much percentage of the right lobe is taken from the donor>?
    Post Operation What are the consequences?

    Without any policy/guideline set by Ministry of Health dept, GOI,for Adult-Adult Live LIver Tranplsant ,the donor and the recipient will be at risk, if things go wrong, the private/corporate hospitals will wash their hands off saying the family memebrs had signed for the transplant. and if there are no checks on these so called Corporate/private Hospitals which (are/ahve been funded by state/central govts & granted various tax exemptions) charge lakhs of Rupees for the transplant .

    Heard of the common medical joke,
    Operation successful, patient dead.

    In Adult-Adult Live Liver Transplant, Operation Successfull, Recipient Dies & Donor in Coma for 4 years.. The medical joke sounds better. This above has happened in a prominent Hosital in Hyd which says it is a pioneer for Liver TRansplants In India, the surgeons involved were British & was Recorded by BBC. Already donor deaths ave een reported in India.

    Srinivas. A




  2. 2 onlooker November 30, 2007 at 8:53 am

    God gives his Judgement bigger than Justice C.V. Nagarjuna Reddy the great friend of Dr.Nageshwar Reddy who definitely gave a biased judgement

    the poor lady only wanted everyone to be aware of the miseries that were outcome of the failure surgeries (almost 95% in India) and that exactly what has happened

    The Almighty’s judgment is that the old man had a miserably death and the family is in debts…….the surgery costs crores of rupees

    Just in India Should be above caste Reddys please come out of your community barrier and do a healthy judgement


  3. 3 A December 12, 2007 at 3:13 pm

    I totally agree with the courts decision. If a son does not have right to take care of his parents, and some lame woman actually thinks so, what the hell is this world coming to? I can undertand the situation from the girls perspective. She is scared about her husbands life. But has she forgotten the fact that, she can be in same situation as a daughter as well as a mother. matha, pitha, guru, dev. u dumb woman!! Did anyone read “wife” there? Ok. That was very corny, i agree. But come on. Give it a break!!


  4. 4 In pursuit of justice April 24, 2008 at 11:19 pm

    I am unable to believe the audacity with which one reader suggested that Mr. C.V.Nagarjuna Reddy passed this judgement keeping in mind his friendship with Dr. Nageswar Reddy. What has that got do with the case? I suggest the reader to peruse the judgement thoroughly before passing such ill-informed and totally baseless comments. The Honarable justice only said that the court cannot inetrfere in the personal maters of a household. He also urged the plaintiff to think about when the time when she herself will become a mother and expects her children to take care of her. I agree that liver trasplantation is a surgery that involves tremendous amount of risk but the plaintiff has not submitted any evidence to the court which states that there will be harm caused to the donor’s health. In such a case,I feel that the judgement passed by Mr. C.V.Nagarjuna Reddy is absolutely valid. In the world which is getting highly materialistic by the hour, such exemplary judgements which remind us the importance of family values are needed more than ever. Thanks to Mr. C.V.Nagarjuna Reddy for giving us a moment to think about how selfish we as a socety have become and how best can we avoid becoming people we loathe.


  5. 5 divakarssathya July 24, 2009 at 3:37 am

    RTI Act 2005 Abuse In Andhra Pradesh- SIC Cheats! Chief Secretary Lies!

    Welcome to : Divakar’s Sathyagraha

    News and views from Divakar S Natarajan’s, “no excuses”, ultra peaceful, non partisan, individual sathyagraha against corruption and for the idea of the rule of law in India. Now in its 18th year.


  6. 6 dr varaprasad November 17, 2009 at 4:12 pm

    great judgement given by justice nagarjuna reddy.this will upheld humanity and benevolence in society.we pg doctors of ntruhs welcomes this judgement


  7. 7 sri anoop April 26, 2010 at 4:27 pm

    KUDOS to Justice CV Nagarjana Reddy.


  1. 1 what is a binary option Trackback on May 10, 2015 at 5:45 pm

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