An RTI Acitivist And A Babu Of The WCD

The purpose of this post is to demonstrate the contempt the machinery of the Indian govt holds a citizen in.

I am starting with an article in the NyTimes that demonstrates the results of this contempt and I highlight this by the interaction between an RTI activist and a babu of the WCD.

This article in the Nytimes shines the light on the results of the workings or non-workings of the Ministry of Women and Child Welfare, headed by the Sarah Palin of India, Renuka Chaudhry.

Take a good look at the picture below, you may be surprised, but yes, that is a starving Indian child.


I hope that what you are experiencing is horror and shame.  I am.

This article from the NyTimes says that:

“Small, sick, listless children have long been India’s scourge — “a national shame,” in the words of its prime minister, Manmohan Singh. But even after a decade of galloping economic growth, child malnutrition rates are worse here than in many sub-Saharan African countries, and they stand out as a paradox in a proud democracy.

There are no simple explanations. Economists and public health experts say stubborn malnutrition rates point to a central failing in this democracy of the poor.

Amartya Sen, the Nobel prize-winning economist, lamented that hunger was not enough of a political priority here. India’s public expenditure on health remains low, and in some places, financing for child nutrition programs remains unspent.  India’s sluggish and sometimes corrupt bureaucracy has only haltingly put in place relatively simple solutions — iodizing salt, for instance, or making sure all children are immunized against preventable diseases — to say nothing of its progress on the harder tasks, like changing what and how parents feed their children”

You can read the full article here:

A simple explanation of why India has been unable to eradicate starvation amongst its children, can be better understood due to the unrelated activities of an RTI activist.

For a while, activists have been hounding the Ministries of WCD and the Law Ministry to get to the bottom of the workings behind the motivations and drafting of the flawed work place sexual harassment bill, promoted by the bigoted and clueless feminazis of India, through RTIs.

After being given the run around, an activist was allowed to inspect the files. At the time of inspection, he was met by one among the many who infest in the ranks of the Govt Of India. If you are under the impression that this was some chaprasi or uneducated class 4 employee,  think again !

This was a Baaaabuuuuuu !! Yesss ! An IAS officer with an official car and all !

His name is M. R. Mohanty, Director of WCD.

And what a disgrace to the cadre he is !

This is what allegedly transpired:

“The behaviour of the PIO (an IAS) was very rude and uncooperative. He just showed me three files as all the records for sexual harrassment bill in the ministry. I asked him many questions and based on his own answer i asked, where are those documents where all what you just said is documented? He got irritated and even started talking like a goon.
He said “RTI? Kyaa phansi thode hi chadha doge.” (RTI? Will you hang me?)”
Can there be a better demonstration of hubris within the babudom and their ruling masters of the political class ?
Is there a wonder that there is no improvement in the plight of the starving children of India, if the Ministry tasked with the amelioration of their conditions is staffed with these kind of people ?
Here are some questions.
Who is holding these kinds of nitwits accountable?
If this is the attitude demonstrated towards an intelligent, educated activist, then what chance do the starving millions of Indian children stand in the hands of such civil servants?
Why should Indian tax payers put up with these kinds of idiots ?  Is this the best use of their money? Money spent on lazy, soulless, immoral and irresponsible government servants ?
I have long maintained that we have moved from the age of the gora babus to the age of the brown babus. I think the brown filth is a lot worse than the goras were, simple explanation being that the goras didn’t spring from our soil and didn’t share our blood.
And where is our desi Sarah Palin? Isn’t it her responsibility to ensure that the apparatchiks of her domain behave with civility towards the aam junta? Or is she the reason why this jackass behaved the way he did?
Is she monitoring the progress of the projects meant to eradicate hunger among Indian children or is she out partying or hosting parties?
As for M. R. Mohanty,  IAS.  We won’t  hang him, but we can ensure that his name and his actions live on online in infamy for eternity !
For a little more on the state of the IAS, please read this article by Abhinav Kumar, IPS. I think he has been silenced as I have not seen any articles by him of late. You can access the article by clicking on the excerpt below:

2 Responses to “An RTI Acitivist And A Babu Of The WCD”

  1. 1 legalfighter March 17, 2009 at 6:54 pm

    An article depicting the harsh and despicable reality of today’s India. The servants have become the masters and behave as if they are doing some obligation by doing their duty. Their behavior is going from bad to worse and so is India.

    It is the call of the hour to bring in corporate culture in Indian Administrative System wherein there are quarterly appraisals and routine clean ups of the system to ensure efficiency and client satisfaction.


  2. 2 swimming pool companies July 9, 2014 at 10:59 am

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