Union of India Vs Mahaveer C. Singhvi (IFS) – The Devyani Khobragade String Pulling Case

Controversial Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade is very connected, wealthy, and has quite a controversial track record. Going by media reports, her powerful pop, Uttam Khobragade, has been pulling strings with impunity to advance her interests.

Let’s start with Preet Bharara’s (he’s in my list of heroes) complaint against her: US DOJ Complaint Against Devyani Khobragade

I watched Devyani speak in a YouTube video and wondered how a dumbass like her could land a coveted New York City posting.

Here’s the video I referred to:

“Medicine taught me the importance of hard work, blah, blah !!”     Eeesh !

At the start of her career, she landed in Germany by having her batch mate, Mahaveer C. Singhvi, bumped off the list.  The MEA retaliated against him when he protested.

“The mode of allotment was amended for the 1999 Batch in such a calculated fashion that Ms. Khobragade, who was at Serial No.7, was given her choice of German over and above the Respondent who was graded at two stages above her.

Whoa !! Talk about clout !!

Here’s the article from the Times Of India about this incident: MEA Bent Rules For Devyani Khobragade 

After Devyani’s unfairly treated batch mate, IFS officer Mahaveer Singhvi, sought and got redress in the Delhi High Court for dismissal from service, it looks like the crooks in the MEA sued him in the Indian Supreme Court where — fortunately — justice prevailed and he was reinstated.

Here’s Supreme Court Judgment:  Union of India Vs Mahaveer C. Singhvi (IFS)

“The mode of allotment was amended for the 1999 Batch in such a calculated fashion that Ms. Khobragade, who was at Serial No.7, was given her choice of German over and above the Respondent who was graded at two stages above her.


“Authorities were desperate to cover up the highly dubious and motivated manner in which the rules of allotment (of foreign language) were altered only in respect of the 1999 batch of IFS appointees in order to favour a particular candidate who was graded lower than Singhvi.”

Here are some links that reveal more about this strip-searched diplomat princess:

Questions needing answers:

  1. Uttam Khobragade has two daughters.  We know he stashed quite a bit for Devyani. What’s the amount he stashed for the other daugheter, SharmishtaKhobragade?
  2. How did Devyani land the New York City posting 3years after uncle?
  3. Who ordered the removal of the barricades around the US Embassy in Delhi? This happened after UttamKhobragade met with Sushil Kumar Shinde.
  4. How did a warrant against Sangeeta Richard get issued so quickly as Indian courts are notoriously slow?
  5. Where did she or her get the cash to own so much land around the country?
  6. Will the IT Dept open proceedings against her for tax evasion?


10 Responses to “Union of India Vs Mahaveer C. Singhvi (IFS) – The Devyani Khobragade String Pulling Case”

  1. 1 Rubab December 29, 2013 at 12:07 pm

    Very much needed post to speak about the truth.


  2. 2 Dev January 16, 2014 at 3:33 pm

    Liar and used her dad’s influence to get where she is. Just lip service and not sincere at all. Why is she cribbing about going back to India now when she is preaching to Indian docs of going back to India.. so laughable !!

    You should have spoken up for your maid – she is a woman right?


  3. 3 RMCTpune January 17, 2014 at 6:03 pm

    I just listened the YouTube video embedded, could barely suffer half way through the jibing of Devyani IFS, TERRIBLE. No depth of thought, no natural flow, no spontaniety, not an iota of sincerity in a single word that she uttered, just some motely of disconnected “cut and paste” words: might have been copied from some body. How come such idiots like her represent our country and that too as deputy counsel general. She is speaking of human suffering and apathy of doctors; such an ABSOLUTE HYPOCRITE AND LIAR, and not a bit remorseful to mete out slave like treatement to a house maid. Indians should be ashamed of such a creature inhabiting the Indian consulate.


  4. 6 baban January 31, 2014 at 6:57 am

    Quite natural of the Khobragades to use their Dalit card for everything…be it choice postings or skipping over seniors….she exorts AAPI folk to come to India, whilest she is safely ensconced in US??? She does not walk the talk…and big talk at that…of being nominated for South Sudan as Ambassador (being the youngest and that too being a woman)..so what stopped her if she was so concerned about women/uplifting the downtrodden etc etc? Her own selfish interests came to the forefront, where she wanted a comfortable life in US, hence she turned down the Sudan posting. What a fraud…big fraud…no wonder the US has seen thro her gimmicks….and what to say about her corrupt father??? Hello Madam, you cannot fool us….


  5. 7 baban March 17, 2014 at 6:21 am

    Young Ms Khobragade stands reindicted again….and our external Affairs Min (Khurshid) is once again playing the Minority/Dalit card by standing for this undeserving IFS officer by stating that the US needs to find a Political solution for this episode..in other words – drop the charges of reindictment and allow Ms K to walk free..my dear Sir….such Political solutions have ruined the country…..had it been an armed forces officer, he would have been incarcerated by now..and tell me Sir…what have you done to resolve the dual citizenship of the Khobragade children which has been MANAGED by none else than Ms K?????


  6. 8 baban March 17, 2014 at 6:33 am

    Quite a pain to listen to this IFS officer who talks like a 9th std school girl…and who is not so sure of herself on the dais…check out the body language….shiiiit….did we send such persons to represent us in the US??


  7. 9 STD Test New York May 19, 2014 at 7:16 am

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  8. 10 Hermanwhittle4.Wordpress.com October 21, 2015 at 4:03 am

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