Ranjana Kumari Condones High End Prostitution

Ranjana KumariRanjana Kumari brandishes her belly button

Ranjana Kumari: “Only two to three percent of India’s prostitutes enter the profession willingly. These are the high-class girls, and it is them exercising their democratic rights,” said Ranjana Kumari, director of the Center for Social Research in New Delhi.”

She said this in an article titled (link): New breed of elite prostitutes cater to India’s rich

Her attitude towards high end prostitution stunned me.

Okay, here’s what happens when you get caught while exercising Ranjana Kumari’s kind of “democratic rights”:

As a professional peddler of feminazi ideals she should have been the first one to condemn prostitution — regardless of whether it is being high end or low end prostitution, instead of giving it a sheen of respectability by calling it expressing ones democratic rights.

Here is a hypothetical situation. Would she say this, if her daughter entered this trade at the high end?

Here is an excerpt from this article: “

“NEW DELHI (Reuters) – Zeba, a 23-year-old model and actress says she’s found the perfect job. The money is great, she rubs shoulders with the super rich and her working hours are convenient.

Zeba is one of thousands of high-price call girls servicing India’s nouveau riche and the throng of foreign businessmen drawn to a booming economy.

“If you have a modeling assignment, you have to work hard,” Zeba, who declined to give her full name in order to protect her identity, said in American-accented English.

“But over here, it’s just one hour. You talk to the person for half-an-hour and then the other half-an-hour in bed. You make a lot of money and it’s easy,” added Zeba, who charges 200,000 Indian rupees ($4,600) for an hour’s encounter, of which the escort agency keeps half.

Prostitution is illegal in India. Yet voluntary groups estimate there to be two million sex workers, most of them forced into the trade by crushing poverty. Many suffer from HIV in a country with the world’s third highest HIV caseload.”

Poverty is the worst form of violence that can be inflicted on a person. Millions of young girls and women are forced to enter this trade globally to keep themselves and sometimes their dependents alive. This is the benign face of this trade. The pernicious face is the abduction and trafficking of women by pimps, criminal gangs and organized mobs.

But here is the irony of this situation: Poverty stricken women who ply this trade, are shunned by the public and looked down upon. Their democratic rights against arbitrary arrest and protection from violence, physical and verbal, by pimps, johns, and state agencies, are never enforced. But for the high end ones, who have opportunities and legitimate ways to earn a living, this trade is looked at with salacious attitudes and their lives are portrayed as glamorous and exciting, giving this sad activity a sheen of respectability.

Very unfortunately, Ranjana Kumari takes this tack as well.

This sheen of respectability lasts as long as their identity and their activities remain behind closed doors. Once this comes out, can you imagine the mayhem wreaked on their lives and those of their immediate families?

Ranjana Kumari should be condemning high end prostitution by calling it as what it is: an exploitation of women. Period.

She is not furthering the cause of women or strengthening her already stretched credibility by labeling high end prostitution “expression of democratic rights”. Is this what the empowerment of women means to her?

What would  Delhi Police Commissioner YS Dadwal have to say about Ranjana Kumari’s stance on high end prostitution?

How does she know that only 2-3% of Indian women enter prostitution willingly ? On what data did she base this statement upon? I want to see this data and how and where she compiled this from.

That brings me to my last question. What would Madhu Kishwar have to say about high end prostitution?



15 Responses to “Ranjana Kumari Condones High End Prostitution”

  1. 1 DCritic September 21, 2008 at 6:36 am

    Hmmmmm now I know how Ranjana expresses her democratic rights and gets funds from the UN. 2 Lakhs per hour is a lot of money and considering that she has a lot of ‘Sisters in Arms’……… thats big money!!!.


    • 2 Qamar Beg May 28, 2009 at 11:51 am


      Being a women or a girls is respectable in our country.
      Why this profession be adopted ? although so many other respectable work assignments are available around to earn respct an money.



  2. 4 gopelalwani September 21, 2008 at 5:49 pm


    In Urban India presently premarital and extra-marital sex
    has become common, because of feminist’s propaganda
    of women’s empowerment and newly crafted women
    protection laws.
    The feminists financed by National Commission for Women;
    have sold their souls. They maintain and justify, whatever they
    are teaching in the name of liberation and empowerment is
    women’s right.
    Tremendous moral decay and total loss of values brought about
    by distorted versions of feminism has given rise in prostitution in
    posh hotels, especially among young college going girls.
    Such trends are spreading among the middle class girls, who
    were presumed to be beyond the clutches of such vices.
    In fact today young girls and even house wives are increasingly
    joining such vice rackets.
    The cause of such acute moral degradation in today’s women
    lies squarely at the doors of feminists who have vociferously
    mooted rampant pre-marital sex, extra marital sex , adultery
    and sexually cheating ones husband in the name of creativity
    and empowerment of women.
    When such role models are being deliberately created for the
    modern women to follow , it is not at all surprising that the
    modern woman deems it nothing wrong in satisfying the sexual
    perversity and fantasies of strange and unknown men in exchange
    for money and she is made to feel that she is being terribly liberated.
    Feminists are teaching women that indulging in wild sexuality,
    having multiple pre and post marital sexual partners,having extra
    marital affairs,cheating on ones husband and joining call girl rackets
    constitute their road to creativity and empowerment.
    Feminists are also freely advising women to misuse specially crafted
    domestic violence laws actually introduced to protect the victims.
    Under these laws, who-ever is accused and named by a woman is
    guilty till they prove themselves innocent.
    The entire family of accused person is arrested without bail and jailed
    without Enquiry or Investigation.
    What is being propagated in the name of feminism and blindly
    accepted by women is sickening, vulgar, pathetic, insane and
    defies all prudence and logic.How could women do it to other
    women and claim themselves to be “liberators” of woman kind.

    Rahul Says
    It is true that in the name of women’s right , feminists are fighting
    to introduce a legislation so that prostitutes soliciting cannot be
    arrested. Thus our entire country will be converted into a prostitute’s
    den and we will find women prostituting in market places, bus stops,
    offices, malls etc. And we also find some men supporting these
    feminists and pretend that they are very liberal. In a decade or so our
    country will be converted into a Red Light Area.

    Satyajit Kumar Says:
    In the name of women’s lib, women have suddenly lost their sense of judgement, values, morals and the capability to decide issues.
    Prostituting and joining call girl rackets have become common among
    educated women and even house wives are joining such rackets .
    If feminists are allowed to have their way then the entire country will
    become a red light area.

    Nandini Modi Says:
    I was aghast to learn that feminists are trying to legalise prostitution
    and want to pass a legislation where by call girls soliciting in public
    places will not be prosecuted. What is our country coming to? Has our government, politicians, bureacrats lost their senses and are pretending
    to show how “liberal” they are by supporting such wild and insane ideas promoted by a bunch of crazy women styling themselves as women libbers.Today moral values have hit such a rock bottom in the name of feminism that we have lost our sense of judgment.

    Asmita Dey Says:
    Feminists are responsible for the whole scale moral erosion of today’s women.As a result more and more married women today sexually lust for other men and have sex with other men behind the back of the unsuspecting husband. Many housewives today leave their homes on the pretext that they are working in some office and join call girl rackets. Most Young college going girls are into prostitution these days thanks to feminism and hence feminists want to legalise prostitution so that these women who are blindly following them do not get arrested. Feminists have ruined the attitudes of the Indian women.

    Aditi Say:
    While today most Young college going girls are into prostitution these days, most parents do not know what their daughters are up to.They come to know when it is too late. Once a young girl enters the sordid world of prostitution rackets, she is only sexually exploited by her clients and pimps, blackmailed and coerced to continue even if she wants to leave,runs the risk of sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS etc,has abortions , takes to drugs and ends up cheated, used, abused and mentally and morally dumped.And she is made to believe by her mentors i.e.feminists, that she is becoming empowered and multi-dimensional!Will women continue to be eternally cheated and betrayed, first by men and now by women themselves.

    Vijayeta Vohra Says:

    We have been so much indoctrinated by feminists ideas that we have lost the capacity to see through the arguments forwarded in the garb of feminism and correctly evaluate them and decide independently as to how much of such ideas are really helpful to women.It is a sorry state of affairs that women have been led to believe that prostituting paves the way for their empowerment and she becomes multi-dimensional. What has happened to women? Has she lost all sense of judgment ?

    Falguni Chopra Says:

    The moral degradation of today’s woman is shocking.And what is even more pathetic is that she has been tutored to believe that she has become empowered and multi-dimensional. What utter nonsense!!!!

    Sudha Patel Says:

    Today we are witnessing the phenomenon of teenage sex where school girls are indulging in group sex and oral sex with their boy friends. The minds of the persent generation has been totally corrupted in the name of feminism.If the desire of feminists to legalise prostitution and to enable call girls to solicit openly at all public places comes through , then we will soon witness the phenomenon of teenage prostitution as well. School girls will also have no qualms to join such sleaze rackets at the behest of their mentors i.e. feminists. Long live feminism !And let women be stripped of all her sense of values, morals , judgment and ethics!!!

    Ragini Says:
    It is pathetic that while boys are encouraged to display their creativity by being artists, painters, singers , explorers,musicians,today’s girls are being taught that their “creativity” lies in wearing exposing clothes and revealing her tits, having group sex, oral sex ( i.e. sucking a man’s penis),sexually cheating her husband and lusting for other men,prostituing in posh hotels and gratifying the carnal desires and sexual fantasies and perversities of strange and unknown men in exchange of money!!!!! And then she is being told that she has become MULTIDIMENSIONAL!!!!! HOW PERVERSE, SICK, MENTALLY RETARDED CAN FEMINISTS BE ?? HOW CAN THEY TAKE WOMEN FOR GRANTED AND EXPECT HER TO BLINDLY FOLLOW FEMINISTS??

    Sunanda Sanyal Says:

    It is true that today’s women have been made to believe that sucking a man’s penis, having sex with a group of men, watching pornography, hiring male strippers and male prostitutes is a highly “creative” activity, thanks to feminism.

    Manisha Roy Says:

    Sucking a man’s penis is creativity for women!! What has happened to the Indian woman??

    Aditi Says:

    What will feminists teach women next? There has been a tremendous moral degradation of the Indian woman in the last two decades. Today house wives are joining call girl rackets when the husband is away in the office,school girls are sucking their boy friend’s penis and taking photographs on the mobile( DPS incident), married women are lusting for other men and are indulging in multiple extra marital sexual relations and are using the husband’s house to lure in other men while the husband is in the office and educated college girls are frequenting hotels as call girls. The moral degradation of women is absolute and she is brainwashed into believing that she has become multi-dimensional. How sick can feminists become? Where are they leading women to???

    Soma Says:

    The minds of the modern woman needs to be vaccum cleaned of all the filth taught in the name of feminism

    SUTOPA Says:

    women have been so much brain washed by feminists that she is blindly accepting what ever feminists are saying as the gospel truth.


  3. 5 Sam September 28, 2008 at 6:18 pm

    Last time I read, prositution is still illegal in India. If Ranajana Kumari is condoning or encouraging prostitution, she is abetting crime. Abetment of crime is equivalent to committing crime. All the feminists cheering from sidelines of the empowerment of high-end prostitutes catering to the high end clientele are to be prosecuted for abetment of crime.


  4. 6 Payal March 19, 2009 at 5:49 am

    What about the men? What about the men having premarital sex, what about the men cheating on their wives? I think it is immoral and irresponsible any time prostitution is legalized, it’s been done in the US. The so called “bunny ranches”, meant to make prostitution more “safe”. No I don’t think prostitution is exactly what people want to think about when it comes to womens democratic rights. Although in a strange way they are exercsing control over their own bodies. The problem is, a womens democratic rights demonstrated in through prostitution is not a problem of immorality as much as it is a lack of control in any other aspect of their lives. It’s almost like this new trend is a giant middle finger to the patriarchal history of India. They are saying, “we have been supressed for so long, we have had acid thrown in our face to the amusement of young men, we have have been harrassed in the market place, we have been beaten to death for talking to our brother’s friend to tell him that news about our brother…the second we feel we can get free we are going to run in the absolute opposite direction.” This behavior is a perverse and ill-advised way of exhibiting control of their lives and showing that these women have power even though they truely feel powerless. Women who are victims of sexual abuse often become permiscuous at a young age. Why? Because they feel they have no control over their fate, their emotions or their safety and take to taking control of their body handing out to strange men. In the case of these “wealthy educated” prostitutes they are handing it out as a business deal. The solution to this problem is simply educating and empowering women to be better and showing them that they can have control of their lives, of their emotions and of their fate. If they don’t like the way the country treats women, they have the power to change things. Women in India must embrace each other and realize that together they can be a force to change the world.


  5. 7 tanuj August 13, 2010 at 10:09 am

    india is a country of hypocrite. our govt & police & judiciary is corrupt. indian womans wants money for the sex & preg they offered to their husband; thus a marriage.

    a few people have brought disgrace & ill-repute to our country. Its a SHAME for all of us to that we live in this country & yet doing nothing


    • 8 tanuj August 13, 2010 at 10:14 am

      such women misuse & abuse the law by implicating the husband & his entire family & relatives including infants.. this SHAME & DISGUST only happens in india with the help of police & advocates.

      infants are separated from father, childrens abducted, EXTORTION by the wife in the name marriage. all this shit , no body can remove.

      we need ppl to act not react by writing on website..but there are lacs of ppl who are scared of coming out of their shells and just write on some blogs & go back to sleep. they are cowards.

      i hope you all realize by now that we should not take sufferring anymore.


  6. 9 Manas Bhaumik March 14, 2012 at 7:28 am

    Ranjana Kumari !!!!! Who is this bullshit ? I guess she was just explaining he own feelings of sexuality . She is not married , and who wants to marry her . Marriage is all about love and forgiveness , but she leaves in wonderland in her dream with her ego so obviously she is not acceptable to any man , and in this situation she has only one option to survive with her sexual desire that’s she had expressed . If not then how she survived without being married until age of 50 over ???? About feminism !! it’s prostitutes pillar to justify themselves nothing else . I have sister ,educated as electronics engineer , conservative , respectful to human being with lots of responsibilities as woman according to natures law .


  7. 10 Glinda May 22, 2013 at 2:00 pm

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    | IPC 498A <Loved it!


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